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Author: Lizaso Azcune Begoña (*, Espanha | García Gil Desirée (**, Espanha
* Dra. Begoña Lizaso Azcune. Profesora Titular en el Área de Música del Departamento de Expresión Musical y Corporal de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Especialista en Audición Musical Activa y Creatividad en Educación Infantil y Primaria. Ha participado en numerosos Congresos y Seminarios Científicos, así como cursos para especialistas en Educación Musical. ** Dra. Desirée García Gil. Profesora Ayudante en el Área de Música del Departamento de Expresión Musical y Corporal de la UCM (Madrid). Centra sus investigaciones didácticas en Música y Género e ITC en Educación Musical; en cuanto a las históricas es especialista en composiciones líricas de compositores catalanes del siglo XX.
Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 12

Music teaching in any educational level needs to understand what kind of music is listened by the group and why the group listens to it. Culture (known as the range of knowledge that identifies each group), always diverse and dynamic, plays a determinant role in the conformation of the musical taste, because of its transformations, determined by acceptations and rejections, will influence the subject. Thus, the teacher must think about the tastes and trends of the class-group to achieve a significant musical learning. So the school is responsible for providing the tools that will make possible the participation of the individual in society, and at the same time, it grants the access to different fields of knowledge that other way would be inaccessible to a great section of the population. Music is also a cultural product that the teacher should make available to the pupils, producing the cognitive processes activation that allows pupils to understand and enjoy music. This article, from Joan Ferres’ reflections about the new performance culture, makes an innovative translation of these towards the different attitudes that the listener can take before musical hearing to show how they can influence their teaching and learning.

Keywords: Musical hearing, performance culture, musical tastes, attitudes, comprehension

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