Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 12 | ARTICLE


Author: Inês Domingues (*, Portugal | Carlos Campos (**, Portugal | Jorge Siopa (***, Portugal
* Licenciada em Biomecânica pela ESTG\IPL. ** Equiparado a Professor Adjunto da ESTG\IPL, Doutorando da Universidade Politécnica de Valência, Mestre em Matemática Computacional pela Universidade do Minho e Licenciado em Matemática pela Universidade de Coimbra. *** Professor Adjunto da ESTG\IPL, Doutor em Gestão da Manutenção pelo Instituto Superior Técnico e Licenciado em Engenharia Mecânica pelo Instituto Superior Técnico.
Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 12

Postural analysis and the study of postural changes have special importance in the context of sport, since the occurrence of postural changes induces an increase in injuries and reduces the performance of the athletes. However, at national level, this type of study is rare and his divulging is practically nonexistent.
Therefore, as a result of a partnership between the Coordination of Biomechanics Degree’s Course of ESTG\IPL and the athletic club Juventude Vidigalense, a postural analysis was carried out to 7 athletes of high athletics competition.
The postural analysis aimed to characterize the athlete’s postural profile, identifying postural faults which leads to the occurrence of injuries and its influence on sports performance. Thus, for each athlete was drafted an inform which details their body composition that results from a rigorous anthropometric study and their postural analysis, based on the photogrammetry technique. The results were obtained and confirmed with the support of Physical Test® software and SAPO® (Software of Postural Evaluation) software.
The characterization informs for each athlete allowed to present a set of general recommendations to the elements of the club, in particular by their respective coaches, encouraging readjustment training of athletes in order to minimize the impact of the postural injuries founded.

Keywords: postural analysis, postural injuries, somatic study, anthropometric study, photogrammetry

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