Revista Egitania Sciencia - Special Edition (ENTENP) | ARTICLE


Author: António Carmo (, Portugal

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Special Edition (ENTENP)

This work presents an initial study for an intergenerational project: it questions one of the generations about the perception and willingness to participate and it targets 5 classes of the 10th grade of the Bento de Jesus Caraça Vocational School from Lisbon and Seixal in Portugal.
The main goal of the work understands the teenagers’ perception of learning developments with intergenerational projects which promote the interaction with the elderly in a continuous way. It also tries to find out the willingness of these youngsters to participate in such projects.
On the one hand, we intend to share knowledge between generations and promote the awareness of values, and on the other hand, assist in the inclusion of the older generation in the use of Information and Communication Technology, facilitate the communication between them by sharing live experiences that the young generation can use as work material in their
classes, especially in ICT and Integration – curricular subjects from their courses.
To develop this intergenerational project we will count with the elderly living in retirement homes who lead an inactive life, both physically and cognitively, and the teenagers who study in a vocational school.

Keywords: ntergenerational work, teenagers’ perception of the elderly, interaction

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