Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 2 | ARTICLE


Author: Manuel Paulino* ( e Nuno Coelho** (

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 2

Online learning belongs to the fourth generation of the distance learning and has some factors that can interfere in student satisfaction causing dissatisfaction and stress. Analysing the inquired discourses, the aims of this study were to: i) ascertain the dissatisfaction levels and stress felt by the students of a Post-graduation and Masters Degree in the modality of asynchronous online learning; ii) identify the main factors of students’ stress and dissatisfaction. A qualitative study of 20 students was carried out, using a semi-structured interview as the research instrument, carried out in writing in a synchronous online format. The results obtained reveal a sample of students who: i) state that they are globally satisfied with the course; ii) identify the knowledge obtained as a source of greater satisfaction; iii) point out the delays in feedback from the professor as the factor of greatest dissatisfaction; iv) note that the more positive emotions were obtained in their interpersonal relationships and the more negative, in their fear of not being able to meet the created expectations; v) consider lack of time the factor that originated not only more stress and dissatisfaction, but also, that responsible for the many tense moments during the course.

Keywords: Online learning; Stress; Dissatisfaction

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