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Author: Luis Sousa (*
*Luís Nuno Figueiredo e Sousa. Sociólogo PhD – Professor-Adjunto ESEV/IPV, onde exerce docência desde 2000 na área disciplinar de Ciências Sociais/Departamento de Arte e Comunicação; Investigador Integrado do Centro de Estudos em Educação, Tecnologias e Saúde do IPV desde 2011; Investigador Associado do Instituto de Sociologia da Universidade do Porto, desde 2008.
Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 14

The apparent inadequacy of qualifications obtained by the growing number of graduates that stays, nevertheless, and the demands of the labour market, has been changing the direction and prominence of the unemployment phenomenon, resulting also in the restructuring concept of disqualified employment affecting the younger population. The growing lack of linearity
between the higher education system and the labour market has been increasing in Portugal, revealing new gaps, making the transition process from higher education graduates to work and to the adulthood, into a complex and unstable process. This situation is actually represented in the increased competition in the labor market, unemployment rates and the growing mismatch between qualifications, skill´s, career opportunities and personal and
professional expectations.This movement has been gaining, in recent years, an increasing vitality and, nowadays, it is a great concern for the various institutions that are directly and indirectly involved in this process. Promote the entrepreneurship represent one of the main aspects in the graduates training and simultaneously a support the transition to work process. Poliempreende (9th Edition in 2013) represented the Polytechnic’s higher education efforts in this movement, and we pretend here, contextualize it on the national scene, ad
check, in an exploratory ways, its applications outlines.

Keywords: Polytechnic`s, Entrepreneurship, Transition to Work, Higher education

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