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Author: Ermelinda Maria Bernardo Gonçalves Marques (, Margarida Isabel Alves Cordeiro Pinto (, Maria João Almeida Nunes (

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 15

Ostomates experience stress due to the enormous physical and emotional impact which either the disease or its treatment impose on their life, causing changes to their self, their lifestyles, their social and family relationships, as well as in their body image and self-esteem. Thus, the study of this group and, more specifically, the study of their quality of life, becomes imperative.
The main objective of this study was to assess the perception that the stoma patient has of his quality of life as well as to identify and analyse the factors which determine this quality of life. This research focused on 197 ostomates enrolled in Health Centres of the Central Region of Portugal, making use of a non-probabilistic sample by convenience, consisting of 51 people with stomas. We conducted a quantitative, descriptive, analytical and transversal study.
To collect the data we used a questionnaire developed specifically for the study, in order to allow a better understanding of the stoma patient and a translated and tested scale for the Portuguese population to evaluate the perception of the quality of life, the SF 36.
The main results show that ostomates perceive the dimensions related to emotional performance, general health and physical performance as the best in terms of quality of life. In contrast, they associate poor quality of life with the level of physical performance, body pain and social function.
The identified and analysed determinants of quality of life are the following: socio-demographic characteristics (gender, marital status, employment status, education), characteristics related to ostomy (surgery duration, stoma duration, preoperative information, admission type for surgery, pathology that led to surgery, care provider) and support.
The results of this research emphasise the need for close monitoring of the ostomate and his family/carers by a nurse, to minimize the negative impact of the stoma.

Keywords: stoma patient; quality of life, nursing

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