Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 17 | ARTICLE


Author: Duarte Loio (, Eva Festa (, Carlos Ferreira (, Diana Soares (, António Fernandes (, Luís Nascimento (

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 17

It is known that, during adolescence and youth, comes a progressive and slow awakening for sexuality and there is not always an adequate protection through the use of contraceptive methods. It is also true, that there is no ideal contraception method, which led us to indicate the four major types of contraceptive methods, namely: natural/behavioral, barrier contraceptive, hormonal contraception and surgical methods of contraception or sterilization. We conducted a quantitative, transversal, analytical, comparative (Mann- Whitney-Wilcoxon test; Kruskal-Wallis test) and correlational (Spearman test) study through a questionnaire administrated directly to the students from the Polytecnic Institute of Bragança (IPB), with ages between 17 and 32 years. The objectives of this study were to evaluate their knowledge of the use of contraceptives as well as their attitudes towards the use of contraceptives. The contraceptive methods most used by students surveyed were condoms and the pill. However, the results point to some ignorance about this subject, which leads us to conclude about the absence of good practices in the use of contraceptives among students of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and, perhaps, more generally, the lack of any structured intervention in the area of Sex Education.

Keywords: Knowledge, Attitudes, Students, Contraceptive Methods, Higher Education

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