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Title: Traditional trade as a factor of tourist attraction. The case of eixo urbano do Douro

Author: Anabela Fragata (*, Helena Teixeira (*, Joaquim Antunes (*, Cátia Trindade (**
* Docente do Instituto Politécnico de Viseu, ** Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Peso da Régua
Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - ISITH Edição Especial

Traditional trade plays a fundamental and structuring role in the cities’ life, with particular emphasis on small towns. These economic activities are implemented in urban centers, being essential for sustaining the performance of tourist activity. Thus, the main objective of this work was to understand the management of territorial dynamics in the area of traditional commerce, particularly with regard to the sustainability factors of companies that have been active for at least 15 years, in Douro region - Vila Real, Peso da Régua and Lamego. A new research method was conceived, based on specific literature and on an interview with professionals from the Economic and Social Observatory of the Douro Alliance Association of municipalities. The methodology used was based on the inventory of the total number of companies linked to traditional commerce, followed by the application of a questionnaire to a sample of 173 companies. The results showed that these companies are lagging behind in the use of new technologies, do not value bank loans, using their own funds for the development of their companies. They do not outsource and they worry about the payment deadlines of customers. They also present low level of participation in trade associations or business and seek to adapt the products/services to the changes in residents and tourists demand.

Keywords: traditional trade, competitiveness in tourism, competitive resources, Eixo Urbano do Douro

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