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Title: The importance of tourism law in academic and vocational courses

Author: Ana Branca Soeiro de Carvalho (*, João Carvalho Pina (**
* Professora Adjunta do Instituto Politécnico de Viseu /ESTGL, Doutora em Comportamento Organizacional pela Universidade de Lisboa, Mestre em Gestão de Empresas pelo ISCTE, Licenciada em Direito, Investigadora da FCT/ IPV. ** Especialista na área de gestão Turística, cultural e patrimonial.
Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - ISITH Edição Especial

In the tourism sector and, especially, in the courses that form the future professionals of this area, the curricular units of law are considered important? It is necessary to have the perception of the relevance of the legal diplomas in the tourist activity and as foreseen in the training courses.
Tourism is a global industry which routinely involves transboundary travel, trade, transactions and social, cultural and environmental interactions it presents the ultimate in opportunities and challenges for national and international regulation (Atherton TC&TA,2003).
This paper is divided into two parts: theoretical framework and characterization of school programs, according to an exploratory research, through field research, and as final result, to present a proposal for funding and implementation of an innovation system of tourism law in school programs.
We analysed several academic courses and Vocational courses that give the best information about the importance of tourism law in school programs. A sample of 50 tourism Degree Programs from 150 schools, from institutional sites. We found in academic courses several core disciplines very important in law subject. Conclusions- Tourism Law is eclectic. While law is the core discipline, the subject also examines the social, economic, environmental, marketing, planning, development and management issues involved in regulating this industry and the importance for professional education.

Keywords: Tourism law, degree programs, innovation, regulation, development

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