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Author: Nestor Camberos C.(* Ena M. Romero P. (ena.romero@unison.m) * Mario Horta G. (* Manuel Tánori T. ( * José A. de Paz ( * | **
* Academia del cuidado y mantenimiento de la salud a través de la actividad física y el movimiento. Universidad de Sonora, México. ** Instituto de Biomedicina (IBIOMED), Universidad de León.
Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - SIEFLAS Edição Especial

Breast cancer presents a progressive incidence while the mortality is decreasing, and the survivors present sequels like reduced mobility and strength or pain in the shoulder. The exercise of strength has been used in recent years. But little is known about the effects of detraining on muscle strength and the possible differential effects on the response to training and detraining between the operated and non- operated side.
Thirty-one breast cancer survivors, 56.9 ± 9.7 years, 5.7 ± 4.7 years after surgical treatment, and 74% with lymphadenectomy participated. They performed 24 sessions in 12 weeks of training. In each session groups performed 3 sets x 12-10-12 repetitions, with a load of 40 to 65% of 1RM. The maximum force was evaluated before and after 12 weeks of training and after 12 weeks of detraining. A percentage gain of the maximum force was obtained in the bilateral contractor of 23.8 ± 17.7; in the left contractor of 56.3 ± 28.8 and in the right of 45.4 ± 17.5. The detrainig produced a decrease in the bilateral contractor of 0.9 ± 19.1; in the left contractor of 1.6 ± and in the right of 3.9 ± 17.9. There was no difference between the arm gain on the operated side and the non-operated arm.
The training produces significant improvements in maximum strength and these are maintained with little loss during detraining. The gain is similar in both the extremity of the affected side and that of the unaffected side.

Keywords: Breast cancer, maximal strength, detraining, muscle strength

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