Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 4 | ARTICLE


Author: Arlindo A. M. Ferreira * ( e Awf Al-Kassir ** (

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 4

In this study, the effect of the heat input on toughness of welded joints of steel was evaluated. Submerged arc welds were performed on high strength quenched and tempered steel plates (RQT601 – British Steel Corporation), with 25mm thickness, using 4 kJ/mm and 6,5 kJ/mm heat input. K type joints were prepared in order to obtain heat affected zones (HAZ) perpendicular to the plate surface. The flux/wire couple used was OK flux 10.61/OK Autrod 13.43 (ESAB). Specimens for chemical analysis and for Charpy V test were obtained from the coupon plates, with notch Y–X orientation. The results of this study demonstrated that the highest values of fracture toughness were reached in welded metal. The heat affected zones presented the lowest values of toughness in relation to the welded metal and base metal. A reduction in toughness was observed in the welded metal and heat affected zones with the increase of heat input.

Keywords: Fracture, Welded joints, Toughness, Charpy V Test

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