Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 6 | ARTICLE


Author: António Gonçalves Fernandes * ( e Maria Isabel Ribeiro ** (

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 6

Fundamentally, it’s the same prescriptive optical that appears in the main approaches of the strategic phenomenon in the 50’s and 80’s of the last century. In the middles 80’s, the descriptive schools appeared with concepts like strategic intention, central competences and market focus. The passage from drawings, plans and/or precise positions strategies, that are characteristics of the prescriptive dimension, to vague visions and enlarged perspectives of the descriptive dimension appeared naturally. In spite of that, presently, the visions that are intended, strictly, descriptive are still prescriptive or, in some cases, there’s a mix of the two perspectives.

Keywords: Strategic planning, Descriptive dimension, Schools

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