Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 8 | ARTICLE


Author: Sukru Dursun ( e Hysen Mankolli (

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 8

Hydrological cycle and water resources were affected by climatic change in last few decades. Climate change mainly directed by human activity is affecting human beings back in various outlooks. Water, a need for all creatures on earth, is closely related to the climate change, and a number of studies have been done on the knowledge of global hydrological cycles and world water resources over the past, present, and future. However, the influence of the global climate change on the hydrological cycle is still uncertain and this study shows inter-century changes of global water balance. Water balance techniques, one of the main subjects in hydrology, are a means of solution of important theoretical and practical hydrological problems. On the basis of the water balance approach it is possible to make a quantitative evaluation of water resources and their change under the influence of people activities. In order to see this effect, a semi-distributed monthly water balance model was proposed and developed to simulate and predict the hydrological processes. GIS techniques were used as a tool to analyze topography, river networks, land-use, human activities, vegetation and soil characteristics. The model parameters were linked to these basin characteristics by regression and optimization methods. The development model will also be used to obtain an appreciation of the process controls of water balance in large heterogeneous basins in semi-arid climates. Results of the studies also indicated that runoff is more sensitive to variation in precipitation than to the increase in temperature. Climate change challenges existing water resources management practices through an additional uncertainty. Integrated water resources management will enhance the potential for adaptation to change.

Keywords: Precipitation, evaporation, climatic change; hydrological cycle, runoff

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