Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 9 | ARTICLE


Author: Alda Maria Vieira Matos Gonçalves (, Paula Sofia Alves do Cabo (, António José Gonçalves Fernandes ( e Maria Isabel Barreiro Ribeiro (

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 9

The disproportionate use of natural resources is causing environmental imbalances that will prove disastrous in the short term. The destruction of soils, forests, animals and landscapes; chaotic urbanization; pollution of land, water and atmosphere originates ruptures that are difficult to repair. Now, human being begins to realize that the environment destruction is its own destruction. But, functional, technological and environmental illiteracy is the most difficult to eradicate and it reaches people with diverse schooling levels. Based on a literature review, this investigation intents to show the contribution of different sciences to perceive the environment as a whole. It offers a systemic, integrative and transversal approach that integrates knowledge from various disciplines and its correlations with life, in a multifaceted perspective focused on its comprehensive and embracing nature. It is concluded that the issues and practices addressed in schools are not correlated with a holistic view of Nature, encouraging a fragmented and incomplete learning of the Biosphere. Without the recognition of the scale on natural processes intensification that is caused by anthropogenic activity, the natural character of global change, historical aspects, interdependence of these factors with life and its evolution, cannot be formed citizens aware and sensitive to environmental problems. Only, teaching a systemic view of the world, in which participates the Biosphere, could create responsible citizens by the use and occupancy of natural environment.

Keywords: environment, education, sciences, system, multidiscipline

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