Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 9 | ARTICLE


Author: Amândio Pereira Baía (, Helena Isabel Barroso Saraiva ( e Ana Maria Martins da Fonseca (

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 9

In Europe, as well as in Portugal, especially in the region of Beira Interior, organic agriculture has shown a high growth, evidenced by the increase in cultivated areas, the number of farms with this practice, the creation of associations and also by the growing demand this type of product by the consumer. However, organic farmers of Beira Interior face many obstacles: in particular the marketing and distribution of certified products. It is one pillar of this business but it stays with very low level in this region, since organic products are confined to a very limited market, being sold, mostly by producers directly on their farms. To remedy this situation, we propose the creation of BioGuarda - Cooperative of organic products in order to promote the development of its production, processing and marketing of organic products of its members. The creation of the Cooperative BioGuarda will also promote the creation of employment opportunities, help in rural development, using the Organic production as an anchor in the reduction of desertification and contribute to economic growth and social cohesion of this region of the interior.

Keywords: Organic Farming, environment, health, employment, cooperatives

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