Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 11 | ARTICLE


Author: José Reis-Jorge ( e Marco Ferreira (

Publication: Revista Egitania Sciencia - Volume 11

This paper aims to discuss the fundamental principles guiding the organization and management of the school curriculum in response to the diversity of students, and to support the idea that not all curriculum models are compatible with an educational practice that promotes true equality of opportunities and academic success among the heterogeneous groups of students. Based on a theoretical framework integrating two competing curriculum perspectives - closed curricula and open curricula – we discuss the concepts of flexibility, differentiation and adaptation in the light of the underlying educational practices and approaches more suitable to the operationalisation of such concepts. This discussion along with the analysis of the major constraints to the achievement of meaningful learning within the dominant curriculum models provides the context to support the argument that the practices of differentiation, flexibility and adaptation are more likely to become truly significant if applied to open curriculum models inspired by a constructivist approach that departs radically from the prevailing metaphors used in traditional and progressive rhetoric to characterise school, teaching and learning.

Keywords: open curriculum, closed curriculum, flexibility, differentiation, adaptation

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