Egitania Sciencia Journal - ISITH Special Edition Egitania Sciencia Journal - ISITH Special Edition
Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world
"Gustave Flaubert"

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» 21st century tourism: threats and opportunities
Mercedes Aznar (
» Traditional trade as a factor of tourist attraction. The case of eixo urbano do Douro
Anabela Fragata (*, Helena Teixeira (*, Joaquim Antunes (*, Cátia Trindade (**
» Tourism, ecocultural heritage, de velopmen t strategie s and territorial valorization in the border mountains of the iberian central mounta in range
Gonçalo Poeta Fernandes (
» Village Tourism and regional touristic development : comparative analisis from center of Portugal and Castile and Leon
Manuel Salgado (*, José Martins (**, Eva Lahuerta (***, Rebeca Cordero (****
» The importance of tourism law in academic and vocational courses
Ana Branca Soeiro de Carvalho (*, João Carvalho Pina (**
» Profile and socioeconomic impact of students in politechnic schools of the interior of Portugal – the ESTH-IPG case study
Romeu Lopes (*, José Alexandre Martins (**, Vítor Roque (***
» Food habits of the IPG community
Flávio Simão (*, José Alexandre Martins (**, Délia Simão (***, Vítor Roque (****
» Differences in the profile of the enotourists visiting the douro: old world versus new world
Adriano Costa (*, Ermelinda Oliveira (**, Zaida Ferreira (***

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